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TWILIGHT presence at OFC 2023

TWILIGHT project participated in OFC 2023 with an invited talk, a contributed paper (Top score) and a postdeadline paper presentation.

More specifically, Maria Spyropoulou (National Technical University of Athens | Photonics Communications Research Laboratory, Greece), gave an invited talk entitled “The Future of Multi-Terabit Datacenter Interconnects Based on Tight Co-Integration of Photonics and Electronics Technologies” (Paper ID: Tu3I.3) under the session “High-Baud Rate Data Center Technologies”. The presented paper proposes a novel co-packaged optical transceiver architecture capable of operating at 112 Gbaud per lane and scalable to 1.6 Tb/s capacity and beyond for next generation 51.2T and 102.4T digital switches.

In addition, Oskars Ozolins (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Sweden) presented the paper “106.25 Gbaud 4-Level Pulse Amplitude Modulation Links Supporting (2x)100Gigabit Ethernet on Single Lambda” (Top score paper), under the session “High-Baud Rate Data Center Technologies” (Paper ID: Tu3I.1). The paper demonstrates and compare EML- and DML-based optical interconnects with 106.25 Gbaud NRZ-OOK and PAM4 for computing applications. The results show that both transmitters can be used to enable optical-amplification-free transmissions with low-complexity DSP.

Oskars Ozolins, also presented the Postdeadline Paper “Optical Amplification-Free 310/256 Gbaud OOK, 197/145 Gbaud PAM4, and 160/116 Gbaud PAM6 EML/DML-Based Data Center Links” (Paper ID: Th4B.2). The paper demonstrates a record 310/256 Gbaud OOK, 197/145 Gbaud PAM4, and 160/116 Gbaud PAM6 EML/DML-based IM/DD links without any optical amplification with performance below the 6.25% overhead HD-FEC threshold after 100-m/6-km SMF, respectively.

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