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TWILIGHT partner KTH at OFC 2022

TWILIGHT partner KTH got accepted a postdeadline paper at OFC demonstrating 200 Gbaud transmission for intra-datacenter links with their high speed EML technology!

Congratulations! The paper is entitled “Optical Amplification-Free 200 Gbaud on-Off Keying Link for Intra-Data Center Communications” and it is written by Oskars Ozolins (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB), Toms Salgals (Riga Technical University), Hadrien Louchet (Keysight Technologies GmbH), Mahdieh Joharifar (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Richard Schatz (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Markus Gruen (Keysight Technologies GmbH), Thomas Dippon (Keysight Technologies GmbH), Benjamin Krüger (Keysight Technologies GmbH), Di Che, Nokia Bell Labs (Yasuhiro Matsui, II-VI Incorporated), (Yuchuan Fan, KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Aleksejs Udalcovs (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB), Lu Zhang, Zhejiang University (Xianbin Yu, Zhejiang University), Sandis Spolitis (Riga Technical University), Vjaceslavs Bobrovs (Riga Technical University), Sergei Popov (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Xiaodan Pang (KTH Royal Institute of Technology).

📅 March 10, 2022     – (UTC – 08:00)   ➡️Presentation Number: Th4A.6

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