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We are excited to inform you that our paper “Optical Amplification-Free 310/256 Gbaud OOK, 197/145 Gbaud PAM4, and 160/116 Gbaud PAM6 EML/DML-Based Data Center Links” has been sessioned for a Postdeadline Paper presentation at the OFC 2023 meeting. OFC 2023 will be a hybrid meeting and the presentation will take place on 09 March 2023.

Presentation Information

Presenting Author: Oskars Ozolins
Presentation ID: Th4B.2
Presentation Time: 4:45 PM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time
Session Abbreviation: Th4B
Session Title: Postdeadline Paper Session III
Session Time and Dates: March 9, 2023 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM Pacific Time
Session Location: Room 6D


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