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Analog-multiplexer (AMUX) circuit realized in InP DHBT for high order electrical modulation format (PAM-4, PAM-8)

Analog-Multiplexers (AMUXs) are attractive architectures to increase electro-optical transmitters’ analog bandwidth through the time interleaving of several high-speed digital-to-analog converters’ outputs, to enable the transmission of high order electrical modulation formats (PAM-4, PAM-8) for ultra high capacity (>1Tb/s/channel) optical communications. In this paper, we present the design, fabrication and measurement of an AMUX circuit realized in III-V Lab in-house InP DHBT technology. The design challenges and necessary tradeoffs are discussed. Measurements of PAM-4 AMUX output signals up to 100 GBd with an over 1-V differential output swing are presented.

Writers: R. Hersent, A. Konczykowska, F. Jorge, M. Riet, C. Mismer, V. Nodjiadjim, B. Duval and J.-Y. Dupuy

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